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Day 00: AEM Developer Series

Hello everyone! Welcome to this AEM development series. We can all see the revolution of Digital Marketing today. Companies are dying to be a part of it and they have made this a war for the Digital Marketing tools.

Adobe is way ahead in this war and has gained a lot of market capture. They are leaders in the Digital Marketing platforms since 2014-15. One of the flagship product in Adobe's Digital Marketing suite is Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Since AEM is in huge demand, the people who know how to develop on AEM are also in huge demand. But developing on AEM is not easy as it is made up of various open-source technologies such as Apache Felix (OSGi), Apache Sling, Apache Oak and Adobe's own technologies like Granite, HTL etc. Learning all these technologies in conjunction can sometimes become confusing and frustrating 😫.

When I first started learning AEM in 2016, I was dumbfounded to see there is so much going on under the hood. I then spent months to gather all the resources (mostly Adobe's official documentation) but it was so overwhelming (my personal experience 😕).

Therefore, I decided to create a series which can help a newbie in AEM development to learn this amazing tool. This series is my learning experience to get the knack of AEM Development. I have tried to put the posts in an order in which they should be learned.
Though the order is not a compulsion, I would suggest a new AEM developer follow the order for a better understanding of the concepts.

You can find the complete code of these 20 posts on my GitHub. Feel free to fork or open issues, if any.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and would like to have suggestions from you to make it better. 

Feel free to befriend me on FacebookTwitter or Linked In or say Hi by email.

Happy Coding 😊 and Happy Learning 😊


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  3. This is really awesome content. Thank you sir

  4. Hi Anirudh,

    Is there any difference in creating the classic UI component and Touch UI component? OR only the difference is creating the dialog. So it render in classic view and touch ui view.

  5. The article was up to the point and described the information very effectively. Thanks to blog author for wonderful and informative post.
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  6. Could you specify for which Version of AEM this Tutorial applies to?? :)

    1. Hi, this applies for AEM 6.4 and above. I have not tested it for lower versions but it should be able to work on them as well (AEM 6).

  7. I’m planning to start my blog soon, but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you suggest starting with a free platform like Word Press or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m completely confused. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi, if you want to start your blog only then I'd suggest Blogger but if you want to develop your website and other stuff along with a blog, then I'd say go for WordPress.

  8. very nice sir i am searching from long time your series is best.thanks sir but i have little confusion sightly and dialog is not cover in this series.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Adobe's official documentation for HTL (Sightly) is very easy and quick to grasp -

      Have a look at it.

  9. Thank you Anirudh for your guidance..I have 5 years of experience in AEM content authoring and now I have decided to learn the backend part as well.


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