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Day 01: Introduction to AEM

image source: AEM Developer Series Day 00: AEM Developer Series Day 01: Introduction to AEM Day 02: AEM Architecture Day 03: Setting up AEM Development Environment Day 04: Developing First OSGi Bundle Day 05: Working with Sling Servlets in AEM Day 06: Playing with Sling Post Servlet Day 07: Creating your first component in AEM Day 08: Dueling with JavaScript Use API Day 09: Dueling with Java User API Day 10: Getting to know Sling Models Day 11: Client Libraries in Action Day 12: Creating your custom OSGi Configuration Day 13: Schedulers in AEM Day 14: Eventing in AEM Day 15: Custom Workflows in AEM Day 16: Creating JMX Beans in AEM Day 17: Working with QueryBuilder API Day 18: Working with Granite Datasources in AEM Day 19: Replication API in Action Day 20: Working with Users and Groups in AEM Suppose three friends, Tom, Dick, and Harry decided to open a confectionary that makes muffins. They