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Create custom reports in AEM (Component Report)

Hey everyone, sometimes the client requirement is to capture a certain report with specific data and export in a certain format. In this post, we will see how can we create custom reports and export them to an excel file as and when needed. After going through this post, we will get an understanding how Sling Resource Merger helps us to create a custom icon on the AEM start screen and how can we write and download an excel file with the required data. Goal The goal of this article is to create a utility that will fetch the list of the pages in our /content folder where a specific component is used. The specific use case of such a utility is for the auditing purpose where we may need a list of the components that are deprecated or going to be. The list of the components will be exported in an excel file that will have two columns - the path of the page and the number of times a component is used on that page. (You can add more columns as per your need). Design We are goi